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what type of window coverings should i get?

My new house needs window coverings and I am struggling with what to put on them.  I don’t like curtains that much as I think they catch the dust. I dislike vertical blinds. In a previous house I had roller blinds. These are OK but when you put the blind down with the window open they rattle.  Our new house is quite breezy so that will be a problem.  At the old house I had to hold the blind if I wanted to watch TV with the window open. I had to put the blind down so I could reduce the glare but the rattling drove me mad, so I sat there holding the blind. I don’t want to fall for the same mistake here.

Shutters would be good but I think they are pretty expensive and I wonder if they block the breeze at all.  I also love how you can change the angel of the shutters depending on the time of day. The front sliding door gets heaps of morning sun so we definitely need to cover that window.  I love the look of the shutters in the picture below. So calming.  I can image sitting here and reading a book.



For the bedroom I wanting to make a doily curtain just for the side panels. There are 2 windows in there so 4 panels, plus I think I should do the same in my dressing room, so 6 panels in all. I have been collecting doilies for just this reason.  I want to use the linen ones with embroidery on them not the round crocheted ones. I also have a bunch of guest towels. These normally come with a pastel strip of fabric on the bottom and were used when guests came so each guest could have their own hand towel. I had some on these when I first got married.  Again, I have been collecting these.  This is kinda what I am thinking of but not quite. I definitely want it to be random.

doily window covering

doily window covering

All of this is in my head currently.  I always have lots of ideas floating around my head.  I think it will be a case of doing something and seeing how that looks and then trying something different before I settle on the final idea for the window covering.

In the lounge, dining, kitchen I have the sliding doors and windows at the front, 2 side windows in the lounge and dining, one side kitchen window and one big window on the back wall of the kitchen, so 5 windows in total.

I have made roman blinds in the paste quite successfully. I might try that again.  The image below is the look I would just love.  These are my colors.

roman blinds



This is a really nice look for the bathroom that would fit in with my idea of having a black and white bathroom which you can read about in my recent post.  The only problem with this is that I am putting my shower under the window and the window is long and not that tall so a roman blind may look really weird. Kind of like a short person wearing clothes designed for someone long and leggy.  There goes that idea, but I do still like the look.

check blind

This book pages blind is a cool idea. I wonder if I can convince hubby to get on board?

book pages blind


This is a gorgeous idea for a window. This would work on my kitchen window overlooking the pool as I don’t need a full blind there.

french blind


I also love this idea that I found on one of my favourite blogs, Forever Decorating.



Here is another doily blind.

doily blind


Brooklyn Limestone have posted a tutorial on how to make this fabulous air mail letter roman blind.  The instructions look pretty easy and she has even provided the images so you can replicate this.  Unfortunately I don’t have any tall windows that I could use this on but I still love it.

airmail blind airmail blind2


Now this is a doily curtain that I do love. Simply put, it is gorgeous.



What do you think? Should I try any or all of these? I hope I have provide you with some inspiration if you are currently in the market for new window treatments.