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more clocks….

Here are some more lovely clocks.

A collection of clock faces and fob watches.



A jar of clocks.



An old door made into a clock, fab idea.90727a1e5969296de1c924f04f401c86


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i love watches!

There is just something so lovely about certain objects, and for me watches are one of those things that I love.

Today I want to share with you this fantastic lot of watches I got at a local flea market. It was a very hot day with temperatures hitting the high 30’s and the market only had an hour to go when I arrived. Many of the marketeers were packing up early. I found this great lot of old watches with a $10 price tag on them. I had a quick look at them and didn’t even have to ask, the seller immediately told me I could have them for $5 for the box. Pretty good bargain!


You can do lots with old watch parts, as you will see if you keep reading this blog. Remember to wear protective eyewear when taking apart old watches.  I made this ring from a watch movement.


I sell lots of great items made from genuine watch parts at my market stall. See the dates/locations on this page.