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Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I recently purchased an old wooden tall boy from Gumtree. I wanted a chest of drawers for my dressing room but the only ones I found at Ikea were over $500 and they are not made of real wood so I thought I would try to recreate an old one. It cost me $140 which is pretty good as it is solid wood with proper steel drawer runners, which was an important feature to me. Here it is here sitting waiting to be dealt with.

2015-11-27 17.56.49


The next question was what to paint it with. I had thought I would make my own chalk paint but as I have never painted anything in chalk paint before I opted to play safe this time and buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I also wanted a specific color, the French Linen, another reason why I decided on buying the paint. At $60 a tin it is not cheap but it is so lovely to paint with. NO sanding required and it goes on nice and thick. I did 3 coats and only used a 1/3 of a tin.

Here it is a work in progress. The drawer on the left has had 1 coat and the drawer on the right has had 2 coats.

2015-12-05 12.29.16 2015-12-05 11.39.29


I have yet to add a stencil to the front and then I will wax it with Annie Sloan wax. I shall show you that when done.

If you haven’t tried chalk paint before I would recommended it, definitely.

my bedroom

It is finally happening and I am amazed! My bedroom is being decorated.  It has been pulled apart for a few weeks and the skirtings prepped but nothing had progressed due to the other things we were caught up with. Now it has progressed and the paint is going on the walls. The color I have selected as discussed in my post on painting interior walls have turned out so gorgeous.  The light fitting I showed you in new lights is up and looking wonderful. So blingy!

Here is a picture taken from my bed.  The wall color is very hard to photograph properly, but you get the picture. I have not yet painted my floors white but I will be doing that soon.

IMG_0676 IMG_0659 IMG_0654 BED4  BED2


painting interior walls

We have been picking paint colors for the house. I really like Grey Pail by Dulux but hubby thought it was a bit dark. What he actually said was that it looked like a battleship and we should christen our house the U.S.S. Missouri.  Hilarious!  What do you think?

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.18.11 pm

So then I chose to have some walls in white and some in Grey Pail and a paler grey. That’s grey pail in the centre, another one I tested on the right and the one I chose on the left. I thought the one on the right was too silvery.

wall color

I may paint my dressing room in a pale pink, maybe this color called Lily Legs Quarter by Dulux, and then paint the furniture in Grey Pail.
Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.23.04 pm


I am going to paint my bedroom in this color called Tidal Green. So pretty.  I may even end up using it in my dressing room as well.tidal green

I love this color. This image from Forever Decorating is the one that inspired me. As you know if you read my blog, I just love love love this blog. I am not sure what color this is but I think it is close to the one I selected.


The other thing that influenced me was a photo frame. I actually went to buy a different color green that I had decided upon with my DH this morning, however I was sidetracked to another store (what I call the pretty shops, the ones that sell lots of gorgeous bric-a-brac) and bought this photo frame which is just beautiful. I loved the green so much I took it into Bunnings and matched the paint color to it.


I will use this frame in my bedroom. I think I shall print some black and white photos of my family and put in these frames.

My bedroom is just an ordinary bedroom but I want to make it as pretty as I can. The quilt I am making for my bed should match these colors perfectly. I have not seen the fabric for a while as it is packed in a box (of course!) but I think from memory it will match well.

Here is the “before” picture of the bedroom, a work in progress. You can see the neighbours out the window and a gorgeous winter’s day in Brisbane. I also have the side window that looks over the carport.  It is a very bright room so will take the dark paint well.

bedroom before

My DH has painted the ceiling and prepped the walls. I painted the inside of the cupboard and patched the walls.  The trims need doing and then finally we can paint the walls. Really looking forward to seeing the paint on the walls.

The finished product will be up soon.

what would the stairs look like if i painted them?

My stairs are B-O-R-I-N-G!!  They are stained dark but they do not match the flooring in the rest of the house.

I have been scouring the internet again and found some fabulous ideas for painted stairs. I have 2 staircases in my house, one with 6 steps and one with 9.  This image is taken looking down to the new backdoor and unpainted handrail we have just installed.  You can just see the wooden steps in the bottom of the frame.


I had a thought to change them. Here are some great ideas I found.

I could paint them black and white. I found these on prudent projects.   This is probably my favourite of all.  We are having grey walls with white trim and I was going to paint the handrails grey but maybe white is the way to go with a grey wall?

2-27-2011 076.

Or maybe old licence plates? Cool! Found at dishfunctionaldesigns.

1bfb387af544b41d63c37b05e0cf88e7  \

Or house rules from leap designs.


I love this idea too from brit.co but DH asked why? Why not? I responded. You would always smile when you walked up the stairs. But he didn’t get it so guess I will give this a miss.



These wallpaper risers look great but I don’t have a dog 🙁 .  I will have red doors though. (from persiljashus as are the rest).


Or chalk paint? Cute kid.


Pretty and vintage maybe?


Or song lyrics? Stairway to heaven?


Or crazy chevrons?


I think I like the black and white best.


should i paint my floors white?

I have 3 bedrooms that are currently carpeted. The carpet is nasty. We knew when we purchased the house that we would replace it. However we are now thinking that it’s not such a good idea. Actually my DH doesn’t want carpet as he is the one who does the vacuuming and complains that my hair is always hard to vacuum up. I lose a lot of hair, handfuls of it every day. Lucky for me I have a lot of hair so plenty to lose. Anyway, back to my dilemma.  Our house has wooden floors.  It was laid when the house was built in 1975. We pulled up a section of the carpet in the bedrooms to find the same wood underneath. It is not stained but in raw condition. We have not yet checked it all but are assuming that the same exists in all three rooms. We would have it stained similar to the downstairs area but that would mean trying to match the hallway floor color so maybe not. I love painted wooden floors so I have suggested to my DH that we paint them.  He is a bit sceptical. The downside is that once painted they will have to stay that way as the paint soaks into the wood and cannot be removed. Here are some ideas I like. I definitely want to paint them in a matt finish.


White bedroom four 4 poster bed sash window antique side table vintage mirror Bertoia designer chair  real home L etc 03/2008 pub orig




This one is too glossy for my tastes.


I love green so these ones I find really cool but I am getting sidetracked….back to the bedroom idea.

apple-green-floors DB01.7b



I don’t know that I would like to paint my floor in a pattern but here are some ideas incase you do.





Really cool idea.


Very hippy.




Who has the patience to paint their floor like this but it is a gorgeous example of a painted wooden floor.


And if you are into doilies (which I am) how cool would this be. I showed this painted floor to DH but he immediately dismissed it. Too bad.



This is what I am talking about! Simple but gorgeous.


Now the next problem will be to rug or not to rug?  My DH wants a rug because he thinks his toes will be cold stepping out on the floor each day. However, we do live in Queensland where it is mostly warm to hot. Perhaps a compromise will be a rug in winter?