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should i paint my floors white?

I have 3 bedrooms that are currently carpeted. The carpet is nasty. We knew when we purchased the house that we would replace it. However we are now thinking that it’s not such a good idea. Actually my DH doesn’t want carpet as he is the one who does the vacuuming and complains that my hair is always hard to vacuum up. I lose a lot of hair, handfuls of it every day. Lucky for me I have a lot of hair so plenty to lose. Anyway, back to my dilemma.  Our house has wooden floors.  It was laid when the house was built in 1975. We pulled up a section of the carpet in the bedrooms to find the same wood underneath. It is not stained but in raw condition. We have not yet checked it all but are assuming that the same exists in all three rooms. We would have it stained similar to the downstairs area but that would mean trying to match the hallway floor color so maybe not. I love painted wooden floors so I have suggested to my DH that we paint them.  He is a bit sceptical. The downside is that once painted they will have to stay that way as the paint soaks into the wood and cannot be removed. Here are some ideas I like. I definitely want to paint them in a matt finish.


White bedroom four 4 poster bed sash window antique side table vintage mirror Bertoia designer chair  real home L etc 03/2008 pub orig




This one is too glossy for my tastes.


I love green so these ones I find really cool but I am getting sidetracked….back to the bedroom idea.

apple-green-floors DB01.7b



I don’t know that I would like to paint my floor in a pattern but here are some ideas incase you do.





Really cool idea.


Very hippy.




Who has the patience to paint their floor like this but it is a gorgeous example of a painted wooden floor.


And if you are into doilies (which I am) how cool would this be. I showed this painted floor to DH but he immediately dismissed it. Too bad.



This is what I am talking about! Simple but gorgeous.


Now the next problem will be to rug or not to rug?  My DH wants a rug because he thinks his toes will be cold stepping out on the floor each day. However, we do live in Queensland where it is mostly warm to hot. Perhaps a compromise will be a rug in winter?