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Christmas Table

We had our Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve this year. Here is the table setting, photo is a bit wonky. I have a Christmas dinner set but it is only for 8 people and this year I had 12, so I interspersed it with the green, yellow and orange crockery from my every day dinner set. The fabric is a long piece with Xmas cupcakes on it purchased from Spotlight and acts as a great table cloth covering both my 8-seater and 6-seater tables end to end so everyone was catered for.



Today we are having a quiet day alone. Bliss!


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I found some items on Etsy that will be useful in my craft work, the seller lives just up the road from me. I saved on postage as she kindly let me visit her at home to pick them up. I got some little cotton reels, new ones, in a variety of sizes. I love cotton reels.

The year is almost over, the festive season nearly upon us. That can only mean bringing out the Christmas decorations. I love decorations, so I had a go at making some of them, vintage, of course!
I started with the cotton reels I brought a few weeks back and some vintage fabric tape, buttons and loose woven muslin.  For some I cut off a piece of fabric tape and wound it around the centre of the reel. This tape is very old; it came from an old carpenters reel and has a lovely brown color and large numbers in black, with every foot marked in red.




After cutting the piece of tape I used a glue gun to fix it on the cotton reel. I used a small button to hide the join. I then put a button on the bottom of the reel. For the top I tied string to a button and tied a knot in the end. I pushed the knot into the hole in the reel and added some hot glue. I then stuck the button down. I also added a button on the bottom of the reel.

For the muslin ones, I cut a long piece of muslin wider than the width of the reel, wound it around the reel and tied it up with a dash of hot glue and a piece of string. I then repeated the steps I used for the tape measure ones.

They will look so cute on a tree. Buy them from my market stall. Dates/times of the markets where I sell my wares are on this page.



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