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Finished powder room

We have finally finished the downstairs powder room. We actually completed it a few months back, but I was still trying to find something else to put in the space. I wanted a surface where visitors using the bathroom could place their belongings. I bought one thing, a small hall table to go in there but it just didn’t suit. I shall have to find another place for it as it is a lovely old piece.

You can read my original thoughts on what I was going to do here.

I then found this great piece at the vintage store. It is an old plant stand (I think) that has a part of a wooden table attached to the top.

2015-11-27 16.21.19


We ended up painting the walls in Dulux Duck Egg Blue, which is a lovely constrast to black and white tiles.  I also love my little sink.  The tiler was none too happy about my floor layout but he did a great job on it. The top tiles have a rolled edge on them, hard to see in this photo. I wanted a vintage looking bathroom, no modern large tiles here. The builder told me he last tiled a bathroom like this 40 years ago as an apprentice, so mission accomplished.

2015-11-27 16.21.09


The table fits perfectly in here and matches really well.

2015-11-27 16.21.13  2015-11-27 16.21.28


I have some hooks to put up on the wall yet and I will get a wire basket and fill it with pool towels as this the change room for the pool for both us and visitors.

downstairs bathroom renovation

We are renovating our downstairs bathroom. We are removing the shower and just putting a toilet and vanity in there and hopefully a cupboard as well.  The room is not that big and we have some issues with the plumbing that will continue to be a problem if we put in a shower. There is currently a shower there but it doesn’t work.  This vanity below is one that I like.

As you know from my post black and white bathrooms I am doing this one in black and white and I think this vanity will fit in well.

I also like these black and white tiles but they may be a bit big for a small space. The yellow gumboots look fantastic with it. Maybe I will do yellow accents.



These pedestal vanities look fab in this retro bathroom.



So what did I buy?  I ended up going quite retro with the black and white. I have hexagonal tiles in white on the floor with a smattering of black.  (Don’t you just love the word smattering?)  The walls are a white subway tile with a black pencil and capping in black.

What a mess! The walls and ceiling come out.


Looking through the powder room walls to the laundry and side door.  The old floor tiles will have to stay. I can’t afford to replace them.



The laundry wall is rebuilt.


There will be a bench top with cupboards underneath on this wall plus space for the washer and dryer underneath. These are the cupboards. Crisp white with a black marbled bench top.



Closeup of the bench top.



I have laid out the floor tiles ready for the tiler to install. The hexagonal white tiles will have the black scattered throughout.  There will be a black threshold of square tiles into the room so the tiles don’t show on the outside of the door.


Here is the cute little basin I bought.


The tap will be the one below.



and the plumbing will be exposed below the sink.


We have built the cupboards ready for install.  It should all be done next week.  Can’t wait!