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I have been sewing again, making these great little lunch bags. Perfect for taking your lunch box and book on the train or bus. Just the right size. If you need a lunch bag, then visit my Etsy store.


IMG_7645 IMG_7626

Sewing like crazy

I have been sewing like crazy these past weeks. I don’t know why, so I am putting it down to having a  bug, a bit like having a viral infection. I just can’t stop sewing. I have been making loads for my market stall. I am going to a new market on 23 Feb called The Mummy Tree Markets. You may have heard of them? They are all over Australia.  They have several here in Brisbane, so I am off to the Morningside markets. They are held at the Qld Hockey Centre in Morningside, Brisbane from 9am -1pm. You will find me there with all my new goodies. Here is just a sample.

bagparis1bag bw3 bag green 3 bag gum0 bag ldry8 bag paris blue bag red8 bag skirt lace6 bagblue




Recycle jeans into a bag

Today I am going to show you how to recycle jeans.  This is something I have always wanted to do.  I purchased a bag of jeans (5-6 pairs) from a charity shop during the week with the thought that I could recycle them.  I used Google (what did we ever do without Google!!) to find out the best way to do this, there are hundreds of tutorials on doing this so I am not going to repeat the steps here. I needed an old shirt so I hunted in my husband’s wardrobe and found one where the neck was a bit scruffy.  After that I followed the tutorial, using the jeans and the shirt to make a fully lined bag. Here is my finished product.  This is  a great way to recycle jeans and get a fabulous bag at the same time. There are also plenty of pockets to use.bag1


The shirt I chose was one with script writing on it and then some bold black on one of the front panels. I had to join the panels as the shirt was not big enough for the size of the bag I made. Here is the inside. I think this is rather cool. I still have to do a little bit of hand stitching as my machine needle wouldn’t go through the layers of fabric on some sections, especially around the zipper area.  I managed to break only one needle, but I think that was because the needle size I used wasn’t made for jeans. (note to self, check the needle size!!)




I put some of the fabric on the handles as well as you can see here in this back view.




It took me about two hours to complete this project. I am a pretty competent sewer, but I think this is something a beginner could also do if you find a video and follow along with it.

I liked this so much I made another one.  The jeans I used in this one are a bit darker.  The fabric is some nice cotton linen I had in my stash. Thought I had better refrain from cutting up any more of my husband’s work shirts!




I love this fabric. One they are washed the denim on the handles will fray and give it a great grunge look.





So if you want to recycle jeans, this is a great way to use them.  Here are some more pics.

bag11bag10 bag8bag5


This bag has a base so it will sit nicely on the table, I prefer this style rather than just a straight bag shape.  I will be selling these on our market stall on Sunday at Southbank.

You don’t have to recycle jeans, you can also use old demin shorts or skirts.