should i buy an ikea kitchen?

I need a new kitchen! Definitely! The house we purchased last year has a very old kitchen. The stove top does not work, which is very frustrating! I cook on the barbie hotplate ring. The cupboards are old and not enough of them and the bench is laminate. I don’t cook that much so I decided on getting an Ikea kitchen as it is a lot cheaper than a custom kitchen. The one I have picked is the Bodbyn grey color. I will get the white bench tops as in the picture and the¬†walls will be grey.Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 3.22.59 pm

The kitchen isn’t that big so I won’t be able to have an island but I will have cupboards on both side of the bench top to create more storage.

Firstly I have to get one of the kitchen windows made smaller so I can run my cupboards under the window. This will give me heaps more space in what is a small kitchen.