Shoe Lasts

What is a shoe last?  A shoe last is the thing they make shoes on, like a reverse mould.  Mainly they were wooden, but some are plastic. I love the old ones and use them as displays items. I have also altered some.  Time to share.

Here is one my daughter did. She beaded the toe and put some beads on the side of the heel.

shoe bead2

I did a few of these. I covered the toe in an old doily. Then I made a flower from fabric and bits and pieces and added that.

ETSY-02 IMG_6965

Here is an idea I found online.  I haven’t tried this one yet. My shoe lasts are quite hard so I imaging make holes in them may not be easy.


Here is another idea I may try from Chipping With Charm.


This one is also a photo display.  Sorry, I can’t remember where I found this.



…and this one has been painted. I should do this for my powder room as the color would match perfectly.  This one has been given a little heel, I think they have used a cotton reel to do this. Great idea.



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  1. How interesting. I really want to go out and find myself a couple of shoe lasts and start crafting.

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