planning my new craft room

Today I have started looking at how to plan my room.  Firstly, a reminder on what I would like can be found here.  The door is at the top of the room over to the left hand side. As you walk in there is a big window at the end of the room and another 2 windows on the right hand side. I plan to put a long bench down the right hand side of the room under the windows.   My sewing machine and overlocker will go on this long bench.  I should have enough room for some drawer units under this bench and when I do classes this will be the student sewing stations. I think if I make it 5m long it will mean 1m per student and that should be enough.

My big craft table will go under the far window at the top of the room. Here I will do my watercolor, scrapbooking, card making and things. The left hand side wall is interspersed with cavities where they have plastered between the bricks. I have some slat mesh racking from my old shop that I will screw to the wall in these cavities and they will hold any hanging supplies and tools.  The slat mesh is very handy. You can buy from shop fitters or off eBay.  It comes in black and white and either 150cm or 180cm tall. I have both and I think it will fit here perfectly.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.59.52 pm


I will also put my metal shelving on the right hand side as you walk into the room.  Here I will store all my plastic tubs. Each tub will be named (very roughly done currently) and sorted in some logical order so I can find them easily.

The centre of the room will be the piece de resistance. This will house a freestanding island bench, I am hoping that i can be at least 1.5m side x 3m long.  This will be for cutting on. Underneath I plan to have drawers to store fabric.  This one below looks pretty nice.  I don’t think my craft room would ever look this neat.


I have a kitchen to pull apart and replace so I will be reusing the cupboards for that in my craft room but these new cupboards look so very nice.


I was thinking all white but seeing this pretty coloured island I may change my mind.


Here is a plan I have made that I think may work. The room is big and this sketch does look cluttered, but I am hoping that when it is actual furniture it will not look so cluttered. The racking is wire so I will be able to see through it.



I like the way this one looks too. The use of drawers under the bench top would be very handy.



This one is made from ikea parts and can be found on the Ikea hack site. There are plenty of really terrific things to do on that site.




I shall see how it looks when I actually move everything.

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