new idea for a linen closet

I currently have 3 linen closets in my hallway, yes three!! I also have another funny little room that is perched over the stairs. I shall show you this another day.  Anyway, I was thinking to convert one of my linen closets to a chest of drawers. This one is outside the bathroom/WC  and I thought it would make it a bit more open.

I don’t really like linen closets. Do you? I think they always end up messy, with the things underneath never being used. Plus all those small things that get lost at the back of the cupboard. I would like to have drawers so I could organise them as I did in my bedroom with my clothes.

I want to take out the cupboard a paint up a set of drawers, maybe decorate in a stencil design. Read about some ideas for stencilling in my post stencil tabletop ideas.

A set of drawers with deep drawers would be great, perhaps some smaller ones up the top for items such as placemats and serviettes.

In the space above I would put some hooks or shelving to allow for pretty things. I also want a place to put my clothes when I take them off to shower. This is usually my nightie and I put it on the sink but sometimes the sink is wet and that is damn annoying! Does anyone have any ideas for where to put your clothes while showering. There may also be times when I want to dress in the bathroom as my hallway is opened to the living area and my dressing room is off the hall.  This Tarva one from Ikea might be OK.tarva-chest-of-drawers__0213289_PE367596_S4


Alternatively I might pick one up off Gumtree for a lot less, which I did for my dressing room tall boy that I repainted.