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Having recently purchased my house I am now looking to set up my craft room. See my previous post on planning my craft room.  This will be a few months away as we have a lot of other renovations to do before that room, but a girl can dream.  I have been thinking about having my own personal space for years now, I have a little notebook of ideas that I jotted down at various times with ideas and inspirations. I also look online to see how other crafters have setup their rooms. My dilemma is that  I want so much in my room.

Here are some ideas I have found.

Here is a room that has provided heaps of inspiration, Karen at Sew Many Ways has a great post on her sewing space.

main pic sewing craft room ideas_0639

I found this at Cool Room Ideas. Such a pretty fresh room with the green and white.



And this is a good idea for pencils and brushes.



Here is some of my stash and some of my family tree files in a cupboard at my old house.


Here is my current list of *wants*:

  • sewing space including a place for my overlocker
  • I also want to teach sewing from home so I am thinking of having 5 spots for students, therefore I need sets of drawers and bench space for each person. I could also use this long bench for when I do my family tree and need to have lots of paperwork out.
  • a wrapping station – so sick of hunting for wrapping paper and cards. I want one space where I can have all the paper on rolls ready to wrap
  • a watercolour space, I dabble in watercolour painting so I definitely need one of these. Preferably close to the laundry where the sink will be.
  • a place for my computer or should I say computers, yes I am guilty of having more than one. Oh, and the tribe of printers.
  • cutting table, a large table where I can cut my fabrics that is at the right height so I don’t get a backache
  • fabric storage for both quilting and general sewing – doh!
  • I make and sell items at markets so I have a lot of tubs dedicated to that. I need somewhere to store them all.
  • Seating – I need my work chair plus 5 student chairs. I would also like a couch where I can sit comfortably and read.
  • I have a large table that is over 100 years old that I want to reuse. It measure about 1.2m x 2m.
  • Book storage – for all those inspirational books I have.
  • Somewhere to store the endless tubs, boxes and contains I have of “stuff”.  I am in to so many crafts that I have many of these.
  • Lighting – good task and overhead lighting will be a must!
  • Tool storage, especially those pesky large items like quilting rulers.
  • the pretties, I definitely need some pretty in this room for inspiration

I am lucky as my room is quite big, it measures 7.2m x 3.9m. It is currently has white floor tiles and I won’t have the money to change these as yet. It also has an access door to under the house that I need to keep. It is an old carport that has been bricked in so the walls are not that nice and they have ant capping about ⅓ of the way up that I need to keep.  I asked the builder about lining the walls but he is worried about termites if I do that so I have decided just to use it as is.  It is off the laundry and there is also a powder room and study on this level, so I will probably put the printers and computers into the study area. I may even use the study for the couch to free up room in the main craft room.

I shall let you know how it all goes.

til next time,

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