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the new kitchen

Finally I am able to reveal my new kitchen. It has taken much longer than anticipated, but I am very happy with the results. If you read my post about buying an Ikea kitchen you will know that is what I was thinking of doing. Pleased to report that we ended up doing this and here […]

Finished powder room

We have finally finished the downstairs powder room. We actually completed it a few months back, but I was still trying to find something else to put in the space. I wanted a surface where visitors using the bathroom could place their belongings. I bought one thing, a small hall table to go in there […]

painting interior walls

We have been picking paint colors for the house. I really like Grey Pail by Dulux but hubby thought it was a bit dark. What he actually said was that it looked like a battleship and we should christen our house the U.S.S. Missouri.  Hilarious!  What do you think? So then I chose to have […]

new seating

When we moved into our house recently we had a servery off the kitchen window that goes to the outdoor entertaining area. This was a great idea as it meant not carrying things up and down the stairs, there are 6 steps. However, we are both vertically challenged (although don’t tell my husband I said […]

what type of window coverings should ...

My new house needs window coverings and I am struggling with what to put on them.  I don’t like curtains that much as I think they catch the dust. I dislike vertical blinds. In a previous house I had roller blinds. These are OK but when you put the blind down with the window open […]

should i paint my floors white?

I have 3 bedrooms that are currently carpeted. The carpet is nasty. We knew when we purchased the house that we would replace it. However we are now thinking that it’s not such a good idea. Actually my DH doesn’t want carpet as he is the one who does the vacuuming and complains that my […]

home reno: new lights

We have selected our new lights and our order is in. We have gone for the Manor range from Beacon Lighting. These pictures show the range in a brown color but we have gone for the grey. The dining table will have the dome light with the cage beneath. This will also be in the […]

my new craft room wants

Having recently purchased my house I am now looking to set up my craft room. See my previous post on planning my craft room.  This will be a few months away as we have a lot of other renovations to do before that room, but a girl can dream.  I have been thinking about having […]

planning my new craft room

Today I have started looking at how to plan my room.  Firstly, a reminder on what I would like can be found here.  The door is at the top of the room over to the left hand side. As you walk in there is a big window at the end of the room and another 2 […]

renovations have started

We have recently moved to a new (old) home and have now started our renovations. The house was built in 1975 so it is mid century modern, but I will be adding my own touches as we go through our renovations. My style is much more vintage industrial. I think it will suit. I shall […]

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