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Do I have too many hobbies?

Hi and welcome back to my blog.  It has been a while since I have blogged. Today is my birthday so I thought this is as good a time as any to start again.  I retired (in September) this year and decided to keep my hand in so I have taken up working as a […]

how to display photos

Having recently moved house I am looking for ideas on how to display my photos. I have several walls I can use and thought it may be nice to use various methods. Here are a few ideas to ponder. A big photo frame with lots and lots of photos displayed on it.  Maybe a bit […]

Mac Photos and Yosemite

After finally getting my photos sorted and into iPhoto, I upgraded my Mac to Yosemite only to find that iPhoto no longer exists and has been replaced by something called Photos.  Additionally, as my version of iPhoto was from 2009 when I first purchased my Mac, and I didn’t know of the change until I […]

More on organising your digital scrap...

Today (finally!) I am continuing my information on how to organise your digital scrapbooking (DS) supplies. I have been moving house and have been without internet for some weeks, however, all settled again now. Read the previous couple of posts on this first. Another tip I have for you is how to get the most […]

Progress on organising photos

Progress on organising photos

As I wrote about last time, I have been trying to organise my photos with Photoshop Elements (PSE) Organizer. I did put all my photos in there and I followed instructions from a great blog about how to organise photos using it. Unfortunately I personally had trouble with this. I was trying to ‘stack’ my […]

Photoshop Elements Organizer

Photoshop Elements Organizer

It has been a while since I posted anything to this site. Life has been getting in they way. However, i am back. I have decided to organise my photos on my computer. First question is “what should I use?”  I have decided to try Photoshop Organizer that comes free with Photoshop Elements (PSE). I […]

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