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30 minutes a day to a clean house

30 minutes a day to a clean house

I have been doing a lot of research lately on how to clean my house efficiently and quickly and not seem like I am always cleaning. There are many solutions out there, but nothing that suited my exact needs, so I made my own that I am going to share with you today. Firstly, let […]

the new kitchen

Finally I am able to reveal my new kitchen. It has taken much longer than anticipated, but I am very happy with the results. If you read my post about buying an Ikea kitchen you will know that is what I was thinking of doing. Pleased to report that we ended up doing this and here […]



I am back. 2016 has been a shocker. Just can’t seem to get out from under. I keep thinking it must get better. In amongst all that we have been continuing our renovations, although much slower that i had hoped.  I will share with you what we have done in other posts shortly. Just wanted […]

Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I recently purchased an old wooden tall boy from Gumtree. I wanted a chest of drawers for my dressing room but the only ones I found at Ikea were over $500 and they are not made of real wood so I thought I would try to recreate an old one. It cost me $140 which […]

Outdoor setting

Outdoor setting

As we have moved to a house that has outdoor space, we needed a larger table for the poolside. We only have a small but lovely 2 seater mosaic table that is now living on our front porch. We priced up purchasing a new setting but the prices of these things are astronomical, unless you […]

Finished powder room

We have finally finished the downstairs powder room. We actually completed it a few months back, but I was still trying to find something else to put in the space. I wanted a surface where visitors using the bathroom could place their belongings. I bought one thing, a small hall table to go in there […]

my bedroom

my bedroom

It is finally happening and I am amazed! My bedroom is being decorated.  It has been pulled apart for a few weeks and the skirtings prepped but nothing had progressed due to the other things we were caught up with. Now it has progressed and the paint is going on the walls. The color I […]

downstairs bathroom renovation

We are renovating our downstairs bathroom. We are removing the shower and just putting a toilet and vanity in there and hopefully a cupboard as well.  The room is not that big and we have some issues with the plumbing that will continue to be a problem if we put in a shower. There is currently […]

painting interior walls

We have been picking paint colors for the house. I really like Grey Pail by Dulux but hubby thought it was a bit dark. What he actually said was that it looked like a battleship and we should christen our house the U.S.S. Missouri.  Hilarious!  What do you think? So then I chose to have […]

new seating

When we moved into our house recently we had a servery off the kitchen window that goes to the outdoor entertaining area. This was a great idea as it meant not carrying things up and down the stairs, there are 6 steps. However, we are both vertically challenged (although don’t tell my husband I said […]

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