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Do I have too many hobbies?

Hi and welcome back to my blog.  It has been a while since I have blogged. Today is my birthday so I thought this is as good a time as any to start again.  I retired (in September) this year and decided to keep my hand in so I have taken up working as a freelancer. Turns out I am pretty good at it and able to get plenty of work, so that is nice. All those years of experience are paying off, the problem is that I have limited time now.

I have a lot of hobbies and I think a lot of you may be in the same boat but the question is, do I have too many?

Coloring sheep is not one of them but I love this picture.sheep2


I love scrapbooking, stamping, sewing, quilting, water color painting, jewellery making, making things for the home, photography, genealogy, blog writing, novel writing, swimming, Red Hat Queen, learning Spanish, studying, trivia and travel. Whew!

I am just not sure how to fit it all in. So let’s look at why and what to do about that.  One thing I can do is to make a plan so that I have time for everything. I have decided to make one day a week all to myself. I will not done any work in this day, just whatever hobby takes my fancy.  I swim twice a day, usually when I get up and then again late afternoon. I need to work around 30 hours per week and study about 20 hours per month.  The other thing I need to do is get my supplies in some sort of order and cull those that I no longer have a need for. I shall be doing a post on that next. Meanwhile, if you have any thoughts on how to plan my and day fit in all my hobbies, feel free to leave me a comment.



Here are some bracelets I made. I love to make bracelets. There are so many cool things you can use to make bracelets.  It is only limited by your imagination. Many items for bracelet making can be bought online, but also think outside the box when you are considering what to put on your bracelets. I personally love typewriter keys as a base for bracelets, combined with other items as well.

The one at the top is mine 🙂 of course as it spells Debra. I added some cream resin flowers in between each letter and completed it with the 8 key. The typewriter keys came from an old 1930’s typewriter.  I gave them a quick clean but left the patina on them as I prefer the grunge look on my bracelets.

The next bracelet is made from turquoise resin flowers only. They are such a  pretty colour and look very stylish.  The colour of the flowers will go with lots of other colours. The tiny little resin roses sit well on the bracelet.

The last one is made from typewriter keys and vintage metal buttons.



Hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoyed making them.


Domino Jewellery

You can make bracelets from practically anything, it is only limited by your imagination. I like to make domino jewellery and in this instance I made a bracelet and a ring from some old dominoes I had in my scrapbooking stash. They are a smaller sized domino so seemed perfect for domino jewellery.



After making the domino bracelet I made a ring to match.



boot buttons


These gorgeous little boot buttons came off vintage boots and gloves. I sourced them from the UK and USA.  I used them to make this great bracelet. It is a one of a kind. You can buy this and similar ones from my market stall or my Etsy shop. I sell at Creative Markets in Springwood, Handmade Redcliffe in Margate and Rockabuy Boutique Markets in Enoggera. Full details of upcoming events are on this page.





crazy faces

These quirky looking things are made from plaster and were in my scrapbooking stash. I had quite a few of them so I decided, since they were solid, that I could make some jewellery from them. I made a ring from one and a pendant from the other. I think they are pretty cool.faceitems


til next time,


i love watches!

There is just something so lovely about certain objects, and for me watches are one of those things that I love.

Today I want to share with you this fantastic lot of watches I got at a local flea market. It was a very hot day with temperatures hitting the high 30’s and the market only had an hour to go when I arrived. Many of the marketeers were packing up early. I found this great lot of old watches with a $10 price tag on them. I had a quick look at them and didn’t even have to ask, the seller immediately told me I could have them for $5 for the box. Pretty good bargain!


You can do lots with old watch parts, as you will see if you keep reading this blog. Remember to wear protective eyewear when taking apart old watches.  I made this ring from a watch movement.


I sell lots of great items made from genuine watch parts at my market stall. See the dates/locations on this page.