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new idea for a linen closet

I currently have 3 linen closets in my hallway, yes three!! I also have another funny little room that is perched over the stairs. I shall show you this another day.  Anyway, I was thinking to convert one of my linen closets to a chest of drawers. This one is outside the bathroom/WC  and I thought it would make it a bit more open.

I don’t really like linen closets. Do you? I think they always end up messy, with the things underneath never being used. Plus all those small things that get lost at the back of the cupboard. I would like to have drawers so I could organise them as I did in my bedroom with my clothes.

I want to take out the cupboard a paint up a set of drawers, maybe decorate in a stencil design. Read about some ideas for stencilling in my post stencil tabletop ideas.

A set of drawers with deep drawers would be great, perhaps some smaller ones up the top for items such as placemats and serviettes.

In the space above I would put some hooks or shelving to allow for pretty things. I also want a place to put my clothes when I take them off to shower. This is usually my nightie and I put it on the sink but sometimes the sink is wet and that is damn annoying! Does anyone have any ideas for where to put your clothes while showering. There may also be times when I want to dress in the bathroom as my hallway is opened to the living area and my dressing room is off the hall.  This Tarva one from Ikea might be OK.tarva-chest-of-drawers__0213289_PE367596_S4


Alternatively I might pick one up off Gumtree for a lot less, which I did for my dressing room tall boy that I repainted.



the new kitchen

Finally I am able to reveal my new kitchen. It has taken much longer than anticipated, but I am very happy with the results.

If you read my post about buying an Ikea kitchen you will know that is what I was thinking of doing. Pleased to report that we ended up doing this and here are the results.

I love my farmhouse sink. I also love the grey which goes so well with my wooden feature wall. My bench space has tripled in size and I have much more cupboard space even though the footprint of the kitchen only changed by 12 inches.

2016-08-30-08-50-55 2016-08-30-08-50-47 2016-08-30-08-50-14

Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I recently purchased an old wooden tall boy from Gumtree. I wanted a chest of drawers for my dressing room but the only ones I found at Ikea were over $500 and they are not made of real wood so I thought I would try to recreate an old one. It cost me $140 which is pretty good as it is solid wood with proper steel drawer runners, which was an important feature to me. Here it is here sitting waiting to be dealt with.

2015-11-27 17.56.49


The next question was what to paint it with. I had thought I would make my own chalk paint but as I have never painted anything in chalk paint before I opted to play safe this time and buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I also wanted a specific color, the French Linen, another reason why I decided on buying the paint. At $60 a tin it is not cheap but it is so lovely to paint with. NO sanding required and it goes on nice and thick. I did 3 coats and only used a 1/3 of a tin.

Here it is a work in progress. The drawer on the left has had 1 coat and the drawer on the right has had 2 coats.

2015-12-05 12.29.16 2015-12-05 11.39.29


I have yet to add a stencil to the front and then I will wax it with Annie Sloan wax. I shall show you that when done.

If you haven’t tried chalk paint before I would recommended it, definitely.

Finished powder room

We have finally finished the downstairs powder room. We actually completed it a few months back, but I was still trying to find something else to put in the space. I wanted a surface where visitors using the bathroom could place their belongings. I bought one thing, a small hall table to go in there but it just didn’t suit. I shall have to find another place for it as it is a lovely old piece.

You can read my original thoughts on what I was going to do here.

I then found this great piece at the vintage store. It is an old plant stand (I think) that has a part of a wooden table attached to the top.

2015-11-27 16.21.19


We ended up painting the walls in Dulux Duck Egg Blue, which is a lovely constrast to black and white tiles.  I also love my little sink.  The tiler was none too happy about my floor layout but he did a great job on it. The top tiles have a rolled edge on them, hard to see in this photo. I wanted a vintage looking bathroom, no modern large tiles here. The builder told me he last tiled a bathroom like this 40 years ago as an apprentice, so mission accomplished.

2015-11-27 16.21.09


The table fits perfectly in here and matches really well.

2015-11-27 16.21.13  2015-11-27 16.21.28


I have some hooks to put up on the wall yet and I will get a wire basket and fill it with pool towels as this the change room for the pool for both us and visitors.

what would the stairs look like if i painted them?

My stairs are B-O-R-I-N-G!!  They are stained dark but they do not match the flooring in the rest of the house.

I have been scouring the internet again and found some fabulous ideas for painted stairs. I have 2 staircases in my house, one with 6 steps and one with 9.  This image is taken looking down to the new backdoor and unpainted handrail we have just installed.  You can just see the wooden steps in the bottom of the frame.


I had a thought to change them. Here are some great ideas I found.

I could paint them black and white. I found these on prudent projects.   This is probably my favourite of all.  We are having grey walls with white trim and I was going to paint the handrails grey but maybe white is the way to go with a grey wall?

2-27-2011 076.

Or maybe old licence plates? Cool! Found at dishfunctionaldesigns.

1bfb387af544b41d63c37b05e0cf88e7  \

Or house rules from leap designs.


I love this idea too from but DH asked why? Why not? I responded. You would always smile when you walked up the stairs. But he didn’t get it so guess I will give this a miss.



These wallpaper risers look great but I don’t have a dog 🙁 .  I will have red doors though. (from persiljashus as are the rest).


Or chalk paint? Cute kid.


Pretty and vintage maybe?


Or song lyrics? Stairway to heaven?


Or crazy chevrons?


I think I like the black and white best.


are you a shoe person?

Today I bought some fab new shoes, ladies King Gee with pink trim. Aren’t they just delicious. Best of all they protect my feet while I am working outside.

shoes shoes1

I am not a shoe person. I have maybe 10 pairs of shoes in total.  I have never been a shoe person. I don’t have great feet so I find shoes hard to wear.  Shoes are an added extra, if I didn’t have to wear shoes in public I wouldn’t.  I don’t wear shoes around the house. Sometimes I have gone running without my shoes on.  It is hard to get me excited about shoes.  The first thing I do when I get home is kick off my shoes.

It is quite funny really since I love shoe lasts. These are the wooden blocks (now they are plastic) that shoes are made around.   The old wood and the shape get to me. I image how many shoes were made on them.  I am a tactile person and they are lovely to touch and hold. They have a lovely weight to them.  I have a collection of these.  Here is one below. My DD decorated the toe and heel with beads.

shoe bead2

These shoes were worn by my niece at her recent wedding. Loving the bling!



And if I could wear these I would.


And these are pretty special.


Black and white polka dots….. *sighs*


But these Valentino lace shoes are surely the ultimate shoes.



And this from one of my favourite poems “I’d pick more daisies” says it all.

“If I had my life to live over, I would start barefoot earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall.”

a few of my favourite things

I do love pretty things. Looking at them makes me feel really good inside, they inspire me.  Here are some images to enjoy.

1966762_542746509157495_1511793142_n 1948074_460481070745233_646749587_n 1947526_460983137361693_611084443_n 1932389_462306510562689_850433425_n 1926801_459501027509904_555607865_n 1966832_679701308746783_1166546734_n 1924922_461749503951723_336284719_n 1920601_563177883778088_1750144842_n 1911832_454935334633140_559627663_n


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more clocks….

Here are some more lovely clocks.

A collection of clock faces and fob watches.



A jar of clocks.



An old door made into a clock, fab idea.90727a1e5969296de1c924f04f401c86


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