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hat pins

Just put a whole lot of hat pin collections on my Etsy and stores. Beautiful hat pins can be used on hats but I prefer to use them in place of flowers. Flowers die and you have to keep buying more, they just don’t last in this Brisbane heat, so use hat pins instead. Here are some of my new listings. Which one is your favourite?


IMG_7363IMG_7360 IMG_7369 IMG_7373  IMG_7378 IMG_7384 IMG_7389 IMG_7397


Doilies, doilies and more doilies

I love doilies. I have always been a bit of a doily girl. They are so pretty, they appeal to the vintage side of my personality.  They are charming and evoke memories of days gone by, of sipping tea from gorgeous china cups; women wearing gloves and hats; of all the pretty things, oh I do like the pretty things! I think I was definitely born in the wrong generation.

I mostly like the cream and white ones, but I do buy the coloured ones if I see them. They are getting harder to find but sometimes the gods are aligned and you can find a heap of them in one store. This is what happened to me the other day.   I had been to several charity shops and just when I thought I was never going to find some, there they were! A whole pile  of them just waiting to be purchased and come home with me.  This is just a sample of the doilies I bought.



If you also like doilies then charity shops are a good bet (unless you live near me in which case, stay away! lol…). You can buy them online but so far I have not found anyone who sells them for a reasonable price. I have seen them upwards of $30 for one doily on Etsy. I personally think this is too much, although as a crafter (and crocheter as a young woman) I know the work that goes into making doilies, or in fact making anything by hand, but you will never recoup your costs for hand made items if you take into account the time and effort you put in.

So, what will I do with my doilies? I have lots of  ideas spinning around in my head. So I best get started instead of writing this post.

Cheers, Debra

Baby Pin Cushions

These baby pin cushions were made using old egg cups. Love them!



Turn them into pin cushions by getting some stuffing used to stuff toys and then roll it up in a ball and cover it with fabric.  Secure the bottom by sewing it, then run hot glue around the edge of the cup and insert the pin cushion part. I sewed a button on before I did this step and then added some lace to the edge of one of them. There you have it, a lovely pin cushion.

Other things you can use to make pin cushions include tea cups (see my previous post here), old jugs, silverware. Use ceramics or silver rather than glass as that way you can hide the messy part underneath the stuffing.

Another thing you can use for the cushion part are foam balls. I have used these in the past, I just didn’t have any that were small enough for this job. I like the foam balls as they give a nice round finish, but these certainly look more handmade to me, so I like them too as they are kind of uneven and definitely one of a kind.  Foam balls can be sourced from craft shops or places like Crazy Clarks or other $2 shops. They can vary in price so check out various places before you purchase. I have seen them in art shops but they are always very expensive. Last week I found an unopened packet for $1 in a charity shop but I think that was a rare find.

Until next time,



boot buttons


These gorgeous little boot buttons came off vintage boots and gloves. I sourced them from the UK and USA.  I used them to make this great bracelet. It is a one of a kind. You can buy this and similar ones from my market stall or my Etsy shop. I sell at Creative Markets in Springwood, Handmade Redcliffe in Margate and Rockabuy Boutique Markets in Enoggera. Full details of upcoming events are on this page.





another pin cushion

Here is another great teacup pin cushion I made. This one is a bit more modern looking. The teacup is quite big so plenty of surface to put your pins. I sell a variety of styles and sizes in these teacup pin cushions.





christmas is coming

I found some items on Etsy that will be useful in my craft work, the seller lives just up the road from me. I saved on postage as she kindly let me visit her at home to pick them up. I got some little cotton reels, new ones, in a variety of sizes. I love cotton reels.

The year is almost over, the festive season nearly upon us. That can only mean bringing out the Christmas decorations. I love decorations, so I had a go at making some of them, vintage, of course!
I started with the cotton reels I brought a few weeks back and some vintage fabric tape, buttons and loose woven muslin.  For some I cut off a piece of fabric tape and wound it around the centre of the reel. This tape is very old; it came from an old carpenters reel and has a lovely brown color and large numbers in black, with every foot marked in red.




After cutting the piece of tape I used a glue gun to fix it on the cotton reel. I used a small button to hide the join. I then put a button on the bottom of the reel. For the top I tied string to a button and tied a knot in the end. I pushed the knot into the hole in the reel and added some hot glue. I then stuck the button down. I also added a button on the bottom of the reel.

For the muslin ones, I cut a long piece of muslin wider than the width of the reel, wound it around the reel and tied it up with a dash of hot glue and a piece of string. I then repeated the steps I used for the tape measure ones.

They will look so cute on a tree. Buy them from my market stall. Dates/times of the markets where I sell my wares are on this page.



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