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Learning to bake

With my new kitchen in place I have decided to learn how to cook. I can do basic stuff but wanted to learn more. I am looking for a good cooking course in Brisbane but there is not much. I really like French food and would like to learn how to cook that. Meanwhile, I have been baking.

I do not have a mixmaster (or kitchen aide as they are now called) and have been looking at them in the shops. So pretty and soooooo expensive! Around $700!

Here is my favourite one. I love the color and it would match my kitchen perfectly!


Baby quilt

My niece had her baby back in May this year. I have been drowning in personal issues all year but a few weeks ago I got myself out from under to make the quilt I had been promising to make. I have never made a baby quilt before and was suprised how quickly I made it. I was on a deadline. I started on the Saturday, did the quilt top, and put the backing on. The next day I did the quilting and then the binding. I gave it to her that afternoon. Everyone was very impressed. This is the fourth quilt I have made so it is not that good, but no-one in my family quilts, so they all thought I was very clever.

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30 minutes a day to a clean house

I have been doing a lot of research lately on how to clean my house efficiently and quickly and not seem like I am always cleaning. There are many solutions out there, but nothing that suited my exact needs, so I made my own that I am going to share with you today.


Firstly, let me set some boundaries so you know where I am coming from. I live with my husband, kids are grown and gone. Our house is a split level, so 1 story on half the house and 2 stories on the other.  It has 3 bedrooms but we only use 1 of them as a bedroom. The other bedrooms are our individual dressing rooms – the beauty of not having kids at home anymore! It has a full bath on the bedroom level and a half bath off the laundry. It has 2 other rooms downstairs, my very large craft room/study and my husband’s (much smaller) man cave/train room. The living/dining/kitchen is one space and is not that big.

I did not include washing. I do my own and the household washing and my husband does his own. Washing really doesn’t take much time to do, I do a load every few days.

I decided to do a schedule covering 5 weeks, or 35 days as I found those that went for less that that much time seemed very rushed. I set myself 30 mins each day to clean. Set the timer and only work for 30 mins. If you can’t achieve what you want in this much time then you are either going too slowly, worrying too much about it or you have set yourself too much to do, so fix your schedule.

Over the 5 week period, do a deep clean of each room once and do surface cleans of them during the other weeks.  I work on a 9 day rotating schedule, so each thing gets done every 9 days. Yes, this is a little more than a week between cleans for the rooms, but honestly, who cares! The place looks clean and tidy all the time.

Here are the things I do each 9 days, spaced out over the 5 weeks, meaning I do them 3-4 times during the 5 weeks.

  • Clean downstairs bathroom and laundry
  • Dust lounge/dining/kitchen
  • Clean upstairs bathroom and toilet
  • Change sheets/dust master
  • Surface clean dressing rooms
  • Sweep/vacuum all floors
  • Mop all floors
  • Dust/clean craft room

And the things I fit in elsewhere in the schedule one day during the schedule, so they get done once every 5 weeks.

  • Deep clean kitchen – sink, stone, rangehood, oven, appliances etc (I have a pyrolytic over so this only involves the outside part of the oven)
  • Clean interior window sills and light fittings
  • Clean all door knobs, remotes, banisters etc
  • Deep clean the lounge/dining (move the furniture/mats, full clean under table)
  • Clean out and tidy pantry
  • Clean out and tidy fridge
  • Clean out and tidy linen closet
  • Clean one item you have been meaning to do and never seem to get to
  • Deep clean my dressing room, tidy clothes and drawers (I leave my husband to do his)
  • Deep clean craft room
  • Clean entry and front porch including furniture

I hope you find my tips useful. I love comments, so let me know how you go with your cleaning schedule.


*My main idea for creating my own list was a list I found on