Monthly Archives: September 2016

the new kitchen

Finally I am able to reveal my new kitchen. It has taken much longer than anticipated, but I am very happy with the results.

If you read my post about buying an Ikea kitchen you will know that is what I was thinking of doing. Pleased to report that we ended up doing this and here are the results.

I love my farmhouse sink. I also love the grey which goes so well with my wooden feature wall. My bench space has tripled in size and I have much more cupboard space even though the footprint of the kitchen only changed by 12 inches.

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Paris flea markets


I will tell you a story about my time in Paris at one of the flea markets, the  Marché aux puces de la Porte de Vanves in fact. You can reach this by train very easily. We also went to the Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen which is the huge one.  I spotted a tablecloth and serviette set that I liked. It was 20 euros, pretty reasonable, all hand done. The store owner spoken little English. I picked up the tablecloth and was inspecting it.

‘Ah’, she exclaimed, ‘You like the tablesheet?’

‘Tablecloth’, I replied.

‘Yes, tablecloth, but I do not know what this is called in English’, she said, holding up the serviettes.

‘Serviettes’, I said.

‘Oh, same as here’. We both had a good laugh at that.

I did end up purchasing the set for 19 euros . So pretty.



I am back. 2016 has been a shocker. Just can’t seem to get out from under. I keep thinking it must get better. In amongst all that we have been continuing our renovations, although much slower that i had hoped.  I will share with you what we have done in other posts shortly. Just wanted to say “hi” again as I try to take back control of my life.

Here is a sneak peak.