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downstairs bathroom renovation

We are renovating our downstairs bathroom. We are removing the shower and just putting a toilet and vanity in there and hopefully a cupboard as well.  The room is not that big and we have some issues with the plumbing that will continue to be a problem if we put in a shower. There is currently a shower there but it doesn’t work.  This vanity below is one that I like.

As you know from my post black and white bathrooms I am doing this one in black and white and I think this vanity will fit in well.

I also like these black and white tiles but they may be a bit big for a small space. The yellow gumboots look fantastic with it. Maybe I will do yellow accents.



These pedestal vanities look fab in this retro bathroom.



So what did I buy?  I ended up going quite retro with the black and white. I have hexagonal tiles in white on the floor with a smattering of black.  (Don’t you just love the word smattering?)  The walls are a white subway tile with a black pencil and capping in black.

What a mess! The walls and ceiling come out.


Looking through the powder room walls to the laundry and side door.  The old floor tiles will have to stay. I can’t afford to replace them.



The laundry wall is rebuilt.


There will be a bench top with cupboards underneath on this wall plus space for the washer and dryer underneath. These are the cupboards. Crisp white with a black marbled bench top.



Closeup of the bench top.



I have laid out the floor tiles ready for the tiler to install. The hexagonal white tiles will have the black scattered throughout.  There will be a black threshold of square tiles into the room so the tiles don’t show on the outside of the door.


Here is the cute little basin I bought.


The tap will be the one below.



and the plumbing will be exposed below the sink.


We have built the cupboards ready for install.  It should all be done next week.  Can’t wait!








how to display photos

Having recently moved house I am looking for ideas on how to display my photos. I have several walls I can use and thought it may be nice to use various methods. Here are a few ideas to ponder.

A big photo frame with lots and lots of photos displayed on it.  Maybe a bit too modern for my taste.


I trace my family tree and have lots of old photos so this would be a great idea. I think they have used a tree decal on the wall and then added the photo frames on top of it.  It looks really pretty.


These are old windows that have been converted into photo frames. It is from cottage instincts.  This would definitely suit my vintage feel in the house. The sepia tone look fabulous.



The clock idea below is another great one.  The quote is great too.


This one is a very clean look.


What about putting them on the corner of a wall. Really cool!



A whole wall of photos? All in different frames. A bit messy and not balanced enough in my opinion.


I have stairs. Putting photos on the stairs is a really nice idea.



This is a nice idea especially above the bed.



Here is something I like. Very vintage. Plus you could change the photos out over time.


Cool and clean.



These lovely wreath picture frames from infarrantly creative.

Hutch_with_memory_picture_frame Picture_Frame_Memory_Wreath


For the bicycle enthusiast this wheel is a great idea from be yourself online.



I hope you enjoyed these pics.

painting interior walls

We have been picking paint colors for the house. I really like Grey Pail by Dulux but hubby thought it was a bit dark. What he actually said was that it looked like a battleship and we should christen our house the U.S.S. Missouri.  Hilarious!  What do you think?

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.18.11 pm

So then I chose to have some walls in white and some in Grey Pail and a paler grey. That’s grey pail in the centre, another one I tested on the right and the one I chose on the left. I thought the one on the right was too silvery.

wall color

I may paint my dressing room in a pale pink, maybe this color called Lily Legs Quarter by Dulux, and then paint the furniture in Grey Pail.
Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.23.04 pm


I am going to paint my bedroom in this color called Tidal Green. So pretty.  I may even end up using it in my dressing room as well.tidal green

I love this color. This image from Forever Decorating is the one that inspired me. As you know if you read my blog, I just love love love this blog. I am not sure what color this is but I think it is close to the one I selected.


The other thing that influenced me was a photo frame. I actually went to buy a different color green that I had decided upon with my DH this morning, however I was sidetracked to another store (what I call the pretty shops, the ones that sell lots of gorgeous bric-a-brac) and bought this photo frame which is just beautiful. I loved the green so much I took it into Bunnings and matched the paint color to it.


I will use this frame in my bedroom. I think I shall print some black and white photos of my family and put in these frames.

My bedroom is just an ordinary bedroom but I want to make it as pretty as I can. The quilt I am making for my bed should match these colors perfectly. I have not seen the fabric for a while as it is packed in a box (of course!) but I think from memory it will match well.

Here is the “before” picture of the bedroom, a work in progress. You can see the neighbours out the window and a gorgeous winter’s day in Brisbane. I also have the side window that looks over the carport.  It is a very bright room so will take the dark paint well.

bedroom before

My DH has painted the ceiling and prepped the walls. I painted the inside of the cupboard and patched the walls.  The trims need doing and then finally we can paint the walls. Really looking forward to seeing the paint on the walls.

The finished product will be up soon.

new seating

When we moved into our house recently we had a servery off the kitchen window that goes to the outdoor entertaining area. This was a great idea as it meant not carrying things up and down the stairs, there are 6 steps. However, we are both vertically challenged (although don’t tell my husband I said that) and it meant that the servery was above our eye level, so pretty dangerous and not much use.

The builder was working around the house so I asked him if he could he move it down to make a bench as it was a very solid piece with solid looking brackets.  Here is the result, pretty cool, eh?  It seats 3 people comfortably and I will make a nice cushion for it.



what would the stairs look like if i painted them?

My stairs are B-O-R-I-N-G!!  They are stained dark but they do not match the flooring in the rest of the house.

I have been scouring the internet again and found some fabulous ideas for painted stairs. I have 2 staircases in my house, one with 6 steps and one with 9.  This image is taken looking down to the new backdoor and unpainted handrail we have just installed.  You can just see the wooden steps in the bottom of the frame.


I had a thought to change them. Here are some great ideas I found.

I could paint them black and white. I found these on prudent projects.   This is probably my favourite of all.  We are having grey walls with white trim and I was going to paint the handrails grey but maybe white is the way to go with a grey wall?

2-27-2011 076.

Or maybe old licence plates? Cool! Found at dishfunctionaldesigns.

1bfb387af544b41d63c37b05e0cf88e7  \

Or house rules from leap designs.


I love this idea too from but DH asked why? Why not? I responded. You would always smile when you walked up the stairs. But he didn’t get it so guess I will give this a miss.



These wallpaper risers look great but I don’t have a dog 🙁 .  I will have red doors though. (from persiljashus as are the rest).


Or chalk paint? Cute kid.


Pretty and vintage maybe?


Or song lyrics? Stairway to heaven?


Or crazy chevrons?


I think I like the black and white best.


tutorial: how to setup a wordpress blog

Do you want learn more about setting up a blog in WordPress?  Today I am going to share with you how to setup a WordPress blog. This post is for those of us that don’t want to use blogger or other blogging software but want their own domain name.

How to create a new website

In order to run a website you need a few things.

  1. a web site
  2. a host
  3. a url

Think of your website as a house.


You need land to build your house on.  This is called a WEB HOST.  You can do this with free sites or you can pay to put your “house” on someone else’s land (host).  On this site I pay for my own hosting and have my own unique URL.


You need an address so people know how to find you.  This is just the same as your street address and receiving mail in your letterbox.


On the internet, this is called a URL



and usually starts with “www.”

For example, the address of this site is

You will probably need to pay an annual fee for the URL and the hosting costs.  Many sites that sell URLs also sell hosting services. Personally I use for my URLs and for hosting.  These are just my preferences. I do have one URL that I pay for via webaccess and I used to use ixwebhosting for many years but had problems with them so I moved hosts.  ixwebhosting admin interface was much easier that hostpapa is but I guess I am still getting used to it. I am not affiliated with any of these services, nor do I receive any payment from them.

Changing Domain Name Servers

What does this mean? Well, it means that if you have purchased your URL from one provider and have hosted your website with another provider, you will need to change the domain name servers to point to your new host in order to see your website at your new host.

Think of this like setting up a redirect at the post office when you  move house.

There are always 2 domain name servers (DNS), they are always a pair. You will need to change both of them.

The first step is to find your host DNS. Then go to the provider of your URL and set the DNS there.  For godaddy this is what I see. They were set to godaddy servers and I changed them to point to hostpapa servers.  To change them, select Manage.  If you have purchased your URL from another site you should find similar functionality under managing domains.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.44.57 am

Installing WordPress

After you have all this set up the next step is to install WordPress. This can be done via  your host so before you choose your host make sure they have WordPress as one of the default applications. This means you will be able to automatically install it within the host service control panel. On hostpapa you will see the panel below, but you should be able to see a similar list on other hosting sites. See under the word Blogs (below) it says WordPress.  This means it will install at the click of a button, rather than you having to upload it yourself.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 6.21.55 pm

Configuring WordPress

Once you have WordPress installed you will be able to login the admin panel. The Site Admin login is contained in the Meta panel on your site’s home page.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.50.32 am

The admin panel allows you to do everything to configure your domain. WordPress will have been installed with a theme and some information logged so as to allow you to see what it looks like. Normally this will be a post titled “hello world”.  I recommend leaving this post there until you get things set up and have posted your first post.

Login to your admin panel to see the various tools you can use to customise your site.  The side menu will look something like this.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 9.53.40 am


Let’s go step by step through the basic options.

How to create a WordPress post

To create a WordPress (WP) post, select the Add New button under the Posts section. This will display a heading section and a blank area where you can write your post. Here is the post I am writing now. You can see my title and the text I am writing. Create your post here and then select Save.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.01.32 am

A bit more about saving….

The panel on the right hand side of the screen allows you to save your post. You can select Save Draft to save but not publish your post, Preview to see what it would look like once published, or Publish to make it visible on your web site.  This panel also shows you how many times your post has been updated, in my case 13 revisions.  Practice writing and publishing a post.  Play around. This is computing, almost nothing is irreversable.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.04.56 am


View all posts by selecting All Posts from the left hand menu under Posts. Add a new post by selecting Add New from the left hand menu or using the button on the Edit Posts page. View all posts by selecting All Posts.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.09.54 am

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.09.48 am

Here is a view of the all posts page.  You can also add a new post from here.  You can see some of my posts below are in draft, others are published.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.13.04 am


What are WP Categories and Tags?

Categories allow you to classify your posts into different groups. I use both categories and tags, but you may only want to use one or the other.  Categories appear as a list, with or without the number of posts.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.20.16 am

Tags appear as a “cloud”. The higher number of posts, the bigger the font size. You will need to add a widget to make this happen. I will show you add widgets in a later post.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.20.21 am

bulb Tip: tags entered as plural and singular will show up as separate tags. For example, cushion and cushions.  You need to be accurate when creating tags unless you want to end up with lots of similar tags.


Create categories by going to Categories on left hand menu under Posts.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.08.45 pm

Use categories by ticking them with the Edit Posts page.  Use tags by typing the in the Add box as per image below. This will bring up a list of tags you have used before. For example, if you type setup it will show both website setup and wordpress setup. Alternatively, select Choose from the most used tags to see a list of what you have entered in the past.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 12.11.28 pm

In future posts I will be covering:

  • What is the difference between a WordPress page and a WordPress post
  • How to add pages
  • How to add media to your WordPress pages and posts
  • How to change your WordPress theme
  • WordPress settings
  • What are widgets and how to add them to your WordPress site.
  • What are plugins and how to add them to your WordPress site



how to make tram blinds

As you know I love vintage and industrial and tram blinds are wonderful.  I would simply die to have an original one but unfortunately I can’t afford such a thing and I think they are few and far between.  I found a site where you can get them made up (new) to your specifications but they cost upwards of $300 and I like to be different so thought maybe I could make my own and incorporate it somewhere in the house.

I think that I could do this.  I know I could have gone down the path of everyone else using London or Paris or New York train stations. I also could have used Melbourne tram stops if I wanted to stick with Australia as they still have trams down there but decided to use my own train line and the stops along that.  It probably doesn’t have the same impact as London or Paris but it is my local one and that is why I went this way.

The next thing was to find a font I liked and then think about how they words would sit on together. I started at Roma Street, I get off at Boondall but I decided to go the end of the line.  I mocked this up in Word and played around with it for a while before changing the font color to white and the background to black. It was quite difficult to change the words and sizing with the black background so I left that to the last step. Looks pretty cool, eh?


Now what to do with it? I could get some heavy canvas fabric and use it as a stencil to make my tram stop blind, or I could put this on a piece of wood, firstly painting it white and then putting some letter stencils down and then painting black over the top. I could stencil my tabletop, which I really like the idea of doing. See my post on stencilled table top ideas.  The jury is still out on this one.


are you a shoe person?

Today I bought some fab new shoes, ladies King Gee with pink trim. Aren’t they just delicious. Best of all they protect my feet while I am working outside.

shoes shoes1

I am not a shoe person. I have maybe 10 pairs of shoes in total.  I have never been a shoe person. I don’t have great feet so I find shoes hard to wear.  Shoes are an added extra, if I didn’t have to wear shoes in public I wouldn’t.  I don’t wear shoes around the house. Sometimes I have gone running without my shoes on.  It is hard to get me excited about shoes.  The first thing I do when I get home is kick off my shoes.

It is quite funny really since I love shoe lasts. These are the wooden blocks (now they are plastic) that shoes are made around.   The old wood and the shape get to me. I image how many shoes were made on them.  I am a tactile person and they are lovely to touch and hold. They have a lovely weight to them.  I have a collection of these.  Here is one below. My DD decorated the toe and heel with beads.

shoe bead2

These shoes were worn by my niece at her recent wedding. Loving the bling!



And if I could wear these I would.


And these are pretty special.


Black and white polka dots….. *sighs*


But these Valentino lace shoes are surely the ultimate shoes.



And this from one of my favourite poems “I’d pick more daisies” says it all.

“If I had my life to live over, I would start barefoot earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall.”

stencilled table top ideas

Having done all that I then started to think where I could hang such a thing in my house and found that there was nowhere that it would suit, so I had to change my idea. I have now decided that I will use the same thing and stencil my dining table with it. Here are some fabulous examples of stencilled tabletops that I found on The Graphics Fairy. Some have acknowledgement of who has done this fabulous work. They are all so pretty.

14-John-Rowe-Paris-Coffee-Table 11-Ava-Blake-Creations-Piece-of-Cake-Table 05-Simpy-Chic-Treasures-Chic-Paris-Table

This one I found on 36th Avenue.


And this one on Knock Off Decor.  I really like this idea to as the numbers look fantastic.   Perhaps I shall keep this in mind for another project.


Meanwhile I now need to setup my cutting machine, which I have not used in years,  and get to work making the stencil I need to complete this project.

I shall definitely share the results with you.

Meanwhile, here is a fabulous project for you from Lindauer Designs to create your own subway furniture.


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