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wallpaper with a difference

I found these amazing wallpapers at Yes, they really are wallpaper. I am thinking that you could create the one below directly on to the wall using old book pages and photographs. How cool would that be? These are by Pip Studio These cool tin designs are by Brooklyn Tin.   Do you like wallpaper? […]

home reno: new lights

We have selected our new lights and our order is in. We have gone for the Manor range from Beacon Lighting. These pictures show the range in a brown color but we have gone for the grey. The dining table will have the dome light with the cage beneath. This will also be in the […]

my new craft room wants

Having recently purchased my house I am now looking to set up my craft room. See my previous post on planning my craft room.  This will be a few months away as we have a lot of other renovations to do before that room, but a girl can dream.  I have been thinking about having […]

planning my new craft room

Today I have started looking at how to plan my room.  Firstly, a reminder on what I would like can be found here.  The door is at the top of the room over to the left hand side. As you walk in there is a big window at the end of the room and another 2 […]

digital layouts

I am currently doing an album for my son, actually I was doing it for his 30th birthday which was in January so I have missed my deadline somewhat, but I want to make sure all the photos are in and that means dragging out my scrap albums and trolling them for good pictures of […]

black and white bathrooms

I am thinking of doing my bathroom in black and white. I like the retro feel. It would suit the age of the house. I also like the idea of a little colour. Found these ones at   I like the colour in this one. cheers, Debra —ooo— I attend link parties at: sew […]

quilting for a friend

Last year my friend discovered she was sick so I decided to make her a quilt in order to help with her recovery. I made this quilt in 4 days! Pretty amazing if I do say so myself. Normally it takes me months to make a quilt but I wanted to go and visit her […]


I found this great idea for lighting. This is so cool. I think you need a bigger house that I have to pull this off but it doesn’t stop me from admiring it.

renovations have started

We have recently moved to a new (old) home and have now started our renovations. The house was built in 1975 so it is mid century modern, but I will be adding my own touches as we go through our renovations. My style is much more vintage industrial. I think it will suit. I shall […]

Mac Photos and Yosemite

After finally getting my photos sorted and into iPhoto, I upgraded my Mac to Yosemite only to find that iPhoto no longer exists and has been replaced by something called Photos.  Additionally, as my version of iPhoto was from 2009 when I first purchased my Mac, and I didn’t know of the change until I […]

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