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Doilies, doilies and more doilies

I love doilies. I have always been a bit of a doily girl. They are so pretty, they appeal to the vintage side of my personality.  They are charming and evoke memories of days gone by, of sipping tea from gorgeous china cups; women wearing gloves and hats; of all the pretty things, oh I do like the pretty things! I think I was definitely born in the wrong generation.

I mostly like the cream and white ones, but I do buy the coloured ones if I see them. They are getting harder to find but sometimes the gods are aligned and you can find a heap of them in one store. This is what happened to me the other day.   I had been to several charity shops and just when I thought I was never going to find some, there they were! A whole pile  of them just waiting to be purchased and come home with me.  This is just a sample of the doilies I bought.



If you also like doilies then charity shops are a good bet (unless you live near me in which case, stay away! lol…). You can buy them online but so far I have not found anyone who sells them for a reasonable price. I have seen them upwards of $30 for one doily on Etsy. I personally think this is too much, although as a crafter (and crocheter as a young woman) I know the work that goes into making doilies, or in fact making anything by hand, but you will never recoup your costs for hand made items if you take into account the time and effort you put in.

So, what will I do with my doilies? I have lots of  ideas spinning around in my head. So I best get started instead of writing this post.

Cheers, Debra

Baby Pin Cushions

These baby pin cushions were made using old egg cups. Love them!



Turn them into pin cushions by getting some stuffing used to stuff toys and then roll it up in a ball and cover it with fabric.  Secure the bottom by sewing it, then run hot glue around the edge of the cup and insert the pin cushion part. I sewed a button on before I did this step and then added some lace to the edge of one of them. There you have it, a lovely pin cushion.

Other things you can use to make pin cushions include tea cups (see my previous post here), old jugs, silverware. Use ceramics or silver rather than glass as that way you can hide the messy part underneath the stuffing.

Another thing you can use for the cushion part are foam balls. I have used these in the past, I just didn’t have any that were small enough for this job. I like the foam balls as they give a nice round finish, but these certainly look more handmade to me, so I like them too as they are kind of uneven and definitely one of a kind.  Foam balls can be sourced from craft shops or places like Crazy Clarks or other $2 shops. They can vary in price so check out various places before you purchase. I have seen them in art shops but they are always very expensive. Last week I found an unopened packet for $1 in a charity shop but I think that was a rare find.

Until next time,



Lace bag: How to use up your lace stash

Today I made this fab frilly lace bag. I do like a frill or two! Very girly.


Now, let me say firstly that to make this might be quite pricy if you were buying the lace but I have stacks of lace left over from when I owned The Craft Attic a few years ago, so I decided this was also a good chance to use up some of that lace. Everytime I get the lace out I tend to use the same ones all the time, so this time I forced myself to use the other ones.

How to make the lace bag

The first step was to take a piece of muslin that was cut to the size of the bag I wanted to make, then drawn lines across it as a guide to adding the lace. I then selected the lace I wanted to use and sewed it on, overlapping it as I went. Leave a bit of fabric at the top (to make the hem) and the bottom (to sew it to the back) and work your way up sewing row after row of lace.

I finished the top of mine with lace that takes a ribbon through it just so I had a tidy edge on both sides.  Then I cut out some pieces of denim from a pair of old jeans.  I then sewed the lace part on to one layer of the denim. Then I made up the bag by putting right sides together and sewing the edges on three sides.   Make handles from the denim jean legs as well. I have a lot of left over denim jean legs as when I make the jean bags I always have one leg left over. Use a couple of them completing this project.  I used some of the pink lace to edge the handles. The bag was lined with muslin for a rustic look.

thanks for reading



Here are some bracelets I made. I love to make bracelets. There are so many cool things you can use to make bracelets.  It is only limited by your imagination. Many items for bracelet making can be bought online, but also think outside the box when you are considering what to put on your bracelets. I personally love typewriter keys as a base for bracelets, combined with other items as well.

The one at the top is mine 🙂 of course as it spells Debra. I added some cream resin flowers in between each letter and completed it with the 8 key. The typewriter keys came from an old 1930’s typewriter.  I gave them a quick clean but left the patina on them as I prefer the grunge look on my bracelets.

The next bracelet is made from turquoise resin flowers only. They are such a  pretty colour and look very stylish.  The colour of the flowers will go with lots of other colours. The tiny little resin roses sit well on the bracelet.

The last one is made from typewriter keys and vintage metal buttons.



Hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoyed making them.


Completed Mason Jar Pin Cushion

Recently I showed you how I did some fabric transfers and now I am showing you how I used the transfers to make a pin cushion with a Mason jar. Here is the completed product.



I am not sure I like the way you can see the fabric transfer outline on the top. In hind site I think it would have been better if I cut carefully around the edge of the transfer before I ironed it on to the fabric so you couldn’t see the outline as much. Alternatively, it may work better on different type of cloth but I had this cotton duck on hand at the time.

I got the Mason jars off ebay.  They are celebrating 100 years so I got them in this cool turquoise colour.  The jar enables you to store cotton or other items in the jar and have your needles or pins stuck into the top part.




Rheanna Leschke

If you are looking for a talented Brisbane singer then Rheanna Leschke is certainly one to watch. We met Rheanna at Creative Markets in Springwood.  She has such a lovely tone to her voice and played both new and old songs.  She seems like the sweetest person.  You can contact her by email






Domino Jewellery

You can make bracelets from practically anything, it is only limited by your imagination. I like to make domino jewellery and in this instance I made a bracelet and a ring from some old dominoes I had in my scrapbooking stash. They are a smaller sized domino so seemed perfect for domino jewellery.



After making the domino bracelet I made a ring to match.



Recycle jeans into a bag

Today I am going to show you how to recycle jeans.  This is something I have always wanted to do.  I purchased a bag of jeans (5-6 pairs) from a charity shop during the week with the thought that I could recycle them.  I used Google (what did we ever do without Google!!) to find out the best way to do this, there are hundreds of tutorials on doing this so I am not going to repeat the steps here. I needed an old shirt so I hunted in my husband’s wardrobe and found one where the neck was a bit scruffy.  After that I followed the tutorial, using the jeans and the shirt to make a fully lined bag. Here is my finished product.  This is  a great way to recycle jeans and get a fabulous bag at the same time. There are also plenty of pockets to use.bag1


The shirt I chose was one with script writing on it and then some bold black on one of the front panels. I had to join the panels as the shirt was not big enough for the size of the bag I made. Here is the inside. I think this is rather cool. I still have to do a little bit of hand stitching as my machine needle wouldn’t go through the layers of fabric on some sections, especially around the zipper area.  I managed to break only one needle, but I think that was because the needle size I used wasn’t made for jeans. (note to self, check the needle size!!)




I put some of the fabric on the handles as well as you can see here in this back view.




It took me about two hours to complete this project. I am a pretty competent sewer, but I think this is something a beginner could also do if you find a video and follow along with it.

I liked this so much I made another one.  The jeans I used in this one are a bit darker.  The fabric is some nice cotton linen I had in my stash. Thought I had better refrain from cutting up any more of my husband’s work shirts!




I love this fabric. One they are washed the denim on the handles will fray and give it a great grunge look.





So if you want to recycle jeans, this is a great way to use them.  Here are some more pics.

bag11bag10 bag8bag5


This bag has a base so it will sit nicely on the table, I prefer this style rather than just a straight bag shape.  I will be selling these on our market stall on Sunday at Southbank.

You don’t have to recycle jeans, you can also use old demin shorts or skirts.