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christmas is coming

I found some items on Etsy that will be useful in my craft work, the seller lives just up the road from me. I saved on postage as she kindly let me visit her at home to pick them up. I got some little cotton reels, new ones, in a variety of sizes. I love cotton reels.

The year is almost over, the festive season nearly upon us. That can only mean bringing out the Christmas decorations. I love decorations, so I had a go at making some of them, vintage, of course!
I started with the cotton reels I brought a few weeks back and some vintage fabric tape, buttons and loose woven muslin.  For some I cut off a piece of fabric tape and wound it around the centre of the reel. This tape is very old; it came from an old carpenters reel and has a lovely brown color and large numbers in black, with every foot marked in red.




After cutting the piece of tape I used a glue gun to fix it on the cotton reel. I used a small button to hide the join. I then put a button on the bottom of the reel. For the top I tied string to a button and tied a knot in the end. I pushed the knot into the hole in the reel and added some hot glue. I then stuck the button down. I also added a button on the bottom of the reel.

For the muslin ones, I cut a long piece of muslin wider than the width of the reel, wound it around the reel and tied it up with a dash of hot glue and a piece of string. I then repeated the steps I used for the tape measure ones.

They will look so cute on a tree. Buy them from my market stall. Dates/times of the markets where I sell my wares are on this page.



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Hello everybody,

Welcome to my first blog post on my new site String and Scissors.  This site supports my Etsy shop, naturally called String and Scissors which you can visit here. I will also be sharing with you some of the things I make as well as how to make them, so stop by regularly and see what’s new.

I love art and crafts, all of it, so I am sure I will have something to share that interests you. First up, this lovely little teacup pin cushion.  I made this to house my gorgeous vintage hat pin collection (well, part of it anyway).  Hope you enjoy it.



Do you want to make one yourself?  If so, read below. for the instructions.

1. Find a teacup that you like. These can be found at charity shops or flea markets.  It is better if it has a wide mouth.

2. Buy a foam ball. I brought mine in a dollar store, a packet of four cost $3.  They are four inches/17mm in size. If you have a small mouthed tea cup you will need a smaller ball. It needs to fit snugly.

3. Cover the ball in fabric. You can use any sort of fabric that you have in your stash.

4. Put glue around the inside edge of the cup.  I use a strong glue but you could use a glue gun. Put the covered ball in firmly into the cup. It should fit snugly.

5. Add trim around the edge as desired.  You can add a bow or some item to cover the join of the trim using a glue gun.

6. You now have a beautiful pin cushion.

If you don’t collect hat pins like I do you can still use this in your sewing room or just decoratively around your house. They are so pretty.  I made the one above on Friday night and got up the next day and made another one.  I think i shall definitely be making some more!

Alternatively, if you live in Brisbane Australia, you can find me at the markets where I sell them at my stall.  (Market dates are listed on this page)

cheers, Debra